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Firewood For Sale – Firewood Delivery

Our local firewood delivery guys are standing by and ready to deliver top-quality seasoned firewood for sale in your area. We offer premium kiln-dried and naturally seasoned firewood for home heating and commercial restaurants’ wood burning ovens. All of our suppliers with firewood for sale are local businesses based in your area.


Firewood for sale in your area in the following quantities:

  • Half Cord of Firewood for Sale:    $165 (delivered)
  • Full Cord of Firewood for Sale:    $275 (delivered)

How much wood is a cord of firewood?

one cord of firewood for sale looks like this

Firewood is measured in a cords, which is approximately 4ft deep x 4ft high x 8ft long. A standard, full cord of firewood has a volume of 128 cubic feet and can weigh up to 5,000 pounds. A standard pickup truck can haul approximately a half-cord of firewood.

How long will a cord of firewood last?

A cord of wood, on average, lasts anyway from one to three months depending on several factors, such as the type of firewood for home heating needs, the size of your house and the outside temperature and the effeciency of your fireplace, and whether you supplement with other home heating fuels such as LP gas or heating oil.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with your firewood and delivery. Our three-point customer satisfaction promise:

  • Firewood delivery will be on time
  • Firewood delivered in the proper quantity
  • Firewood for sale is always seasoned and ready to burn

We’re not happy until you are, so if there is any problem please call our toll free number and we’ll straighten it out to your satisfaction, GUAR-RUHN-TEED!


Firewood Woods

All of the firewood our suppliers have for sale is harvested near and includes a mix of hardwoods you would expect to find in the local area, including:

  • Maple firewood for sale
  • Birch firewood for sale
  • Elm firewood for sale
  • Ash firewood for sale
  • Oak firewood for sale
  • Other types of firewood for sale

Firewood Logs Hillsdale NJ

Firewood Vs. Heating Oil

With the cost of high cost of heating skyrocketing and a slower than expected economic recovery many families have turned to firewood for heating homes in an effort to conserve financial resources. Beyond the obvious benefit of firewood being a low-cost affordable heating fuel, most families have rediscovered several  important non-financial benefits of using firewood for home heating fuel.

In today’s busy world with cell phone, Internet, text messaging, streaming media it’s easy to find family time being edged out. But building a fire in the fireplace brings the family together. Children enjoy the responsibility and satisfaction of bringing in the firewood and stacking it in the firewood rack. (Firewood Logs Hillsdale NJ.) And families tend to gather and tell stories around the fireplace. Enjoy the ancient pleasures of a roaring fire tonight. We have dry seasoned firewood for sale with reliable on-time firewood delivery.

Firewood Logs Hillsdale NJ

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